Scars Of Light

Deep indeed
are those
scars of light.
Come let me
put on you
a balm of night.

Let me caress
and kiss
where they pain.
When tears on
your skin
burn up again.

Let me unveil
and love
all scars of light.
When you heal
and melt
in me tonight.

© Arindam Dey

A Night’s Desire

She plays with the night
like no other.

Her smudged kohl
teases the restless dark,
That craves to know
what heartbreak she hides
beneath closed eyes.

Her lips so tight
and yet they tremble like
she is in fever high,
Or is that an old flame
her lips invite.

Her bun though tied
wants to loosen tonight,
Still all her veils
tells me of her fears
to put up a fight.

And yet her bare
neck plays me so unfair,
When her hand takes
mine to free her throbs and
unleash a night’s desire.

She plays with the night
like no other.

© Arindam Dey

What Souls Recite

You are the poetry
I can never write.

For that world is
enveloped by desires,
too ancient, too wild,
And yet, too pure
for mortal eyes.

So let me write
of darker longings,
Let my words blanket
us in mortal lusts.

Where in between
words, sometimes in
our quietest hours,
You may slip in.

And beneath this
cage of fleshy needs
You will find our verse,
free like fire, like storms,
And you will know.

What souls recite
where pens fall quiet.

© Arindam Dey

Sadness Of Your Nights

I wish
I was the sadness
of your nights.

Amidst earnest
sighs that
slipped off lips,
As you hummed
my words
in darkest hours.

In waiting closed
eyes and
dropped off veils,
When I loved
you hard
disguised as tears.

I wish
I was the sadness
of your nights.

© Arindam Dey

July Clouds

I see July clouds
hiding the sunshine
of your face.

I crave to find
where you still live
Behind those tears
of once naughty eyes.

I die to moist
those lips left dry
Where love stories
used to hide in smiles.

I see July clouds
hiding the sunshine
of your face.

Why fingers clutch
when you sit quiet
Let me in once
where you cannot hide.

Why those feet stop
to step outside
Hold my hands once
when you can’t decide.

Let July clouds rain
and make that sunshine
return again.

© Arindam Dey

Don’t Leave

Oh words
Just don’t leave me
Alone tonight.

Like tears
That have long left
Two eyes so dry.

Like a voice
That have long left
A soul so quiet.

I promise
I will never write
A name again.

Oh words
Just don’t leave this
Blank paper dry

Let a pen
Bleed all that’s left
On this tonight.

© Arindam Dey

Outside Inside

Long has that sky
shed tears, on
the chest of my town.
Tonight, let she
just rain love
on these thirsty lands.

How those two eyes
have longed, a
tameless touch of thirst.
Tonight, let once
a poet rain
on you with bare hands.

© Arindam Dey

Healing Sin

Smile enough
for the world my love
Let me come to you
when you have nothing
but tears to share.

Speak enough
to flood all deaf ears
But do keep some
quiet moments for us
if you can spare.

Let this world
love you in sunshine
Keep only for me
your darkest hours
to see you in.

Let me touch
all those naked scars
As my bare words
give you sweet burns
in a healing sin.

© Arindam Dey

A Poetry Of Your Curves

And there
at the far end of reason
And beginning
of desires,
I see you stand a while.

Where the
bright lights of sanity
Give in to dark
I see you wait and smile.

Your eyes
excite and arms invite
Nervous lips call
to recite,
A poetry of your curves.

And I throw
a million desperate lies
To a heart saying
To a sin, this night loves.

© Arindam Dey

Deep In You

Deep in you,
where you hide
sad tales,
Like the ocean
hides its pearls.

I crave to drown
and lose myself,
When a night
in your tresses

Oh bind me
in those arms
Let me blend
in you like wine.

And find my words
in your salt love,
When your
heartbeats rhyme
with mine.

© Arindam Dey


For long has
fate painted it’s
grey on you,
Come let me
paint some love
on you tonight.

Let me smear
some red on
those dry lips,
And smudge that
black under two
deep moist eyes.

Let me once
submerge these
thirsty hands,
Deep in those
gold, blue and
hues of life.

Before they
caress that
naked canvas,
And make our

© Arindam Dey

Image source: Artsyhome(dot)com


Don’t sink into his words
For his verses are poison.

Dug out from the deeps
Where that sun of love
has long forgotten
to shine.

Don’t give into his words
For his verses are poison.

Where a thirst remains
despite all rains, and a
lustful rotten sin is
now divine.

© Arindam Dey

The Flute

Why does that
distant flute
keep weeping tonight,
Why doesn’t it
let her go?

Doesn’t it know
how his complaint
keeps her awake?
And yet, tonight
she cannot go.

Doesn’t it feel
how his acute calls
make her restless?
And yet, tonight
she will not go.

Doesn’t it get
how broken she was
to break his heart?
Then why tonight
it makes her go.

Why must that
distant flute
obey Kanha tonight,
Why doesn’t it
let Rai go?

© Arindam Dey

Image source: Champa-art(dot)com


Let’s play with
strings tonight.

Let’s loosen some
to slip that
moonlight in.

Let’s loosen more
to free that
heartbeat out.

Let’s play with
strings tonight.

Let’s tighten some
to squeeze a
dreamland in.

Let’s tighten more
to name that
deep sigh out.

© Arindam Dey


Let anklets chime,
Like raindrops whisper
their surrender
to the love of water
bodies on earth outside.

When you come
to me tonight.

Let those little bells
that kiss your feet
at every step,
Keep singing how
divine to touch you is.

When you come
to me tonight.

And let me slip them
off you once, love,
with that tinkling wink
As our night begins
to hum it’s own tunes.

When you come
to me tonight.

© Arindam Dey

Not Just Yet

Oh, don’t leave me
tonight,  just yet.

For that moon has
lit desire in such places,
When a coy night hid
in your untamed tresses.

The stars too have
only just met,
Oh, don’t leave me
tonight, just yet.

See how fireflies now
tired have gone to sleep,
And how a fire in that
cold hearth waits to be lit.

Let’s no longer make
that fire wait,
Oh, don’t leave me
tonight, just yet.

Two moist eyes have
for long, longed this night.
When two souls love
their homes in moonlight.

Let two verses melt
before its late,
Oh, don’t leave me
tonight, just yet.

© Arindam Dey

Image source: Champa-art(dot)com


“I was never good with words,
until life decided to paint masterpieces of scars,
on the canvas of my solitude.”

© Arindam Dey

God Forbidden

In a world,
where innocence
has long lost
its right to life.

You came in faith.

Look again,
We are no land
for mothers
or new promises.

Why come in faith?

A planet,
long forbidden
by Gods, not a
home anymore.

Why come in faith?

We are all,
but a rotting race
left back to lie
kill and plague.

Why come in faith?

© Arindam Dey

(In protest to elephant killing in Kerala)


They say,
it is the darkness
of abyssmal nights,
That makes the
morning light,
Oh so much more
worth all the pain.

Then yes,
let me remain
your curse likewise,
Forever in the dark
of your heart,
Till love finds you
a new face again.

© Arindam Dey


In the end
our love story
became a collage
of broken moments.

Not much
of your laughs, or
my antics.

But more of
the quiets I had
after I veiled you in
my poems everytime.

And those
you had, knowing
it was you.

Always, in every line.

© Arindam Dey


I am that smile
with a tear,
When a sin keeps you
from sleep.

Sinking your face
in a pillow,
And clutching on that
bed sheet.

I am those words
you whisper,
When a stormy night
goes deep.

Sometimes in love,
Sometimes in despair.

© Arindam Dey


The sky no more
was a pleasant sight
The winds
too cruel to fail.

For a mother was
too fierce that night
To heed
her children’s wail.

So long have we
failed her non stop
So long
we broke her trust.

A mother’s wrath
did break all bounds
A wrath
we now see must.

© Arindam Dey

Image source: Presentationvoice(dot)com


Oh Rai,
But you were so
fired on your Kanha!

Then why
that distant flute
plays hide-n-seek
with your smiles.

And why
your coy lips call
his name with
moistened eyes.

Oh Rai,
But what is life
if there is no Kanha!

let your aanchal fly
and flowers drop
in your plight.

Just like
all complaints fade
when tears meet
love midnight.

© Arindam Dey

Image source: Artzyme(dot)com / Painting by Uma Makala

Strangers Again

let us be strangers again
one more time.

Let us start once more
standing apart
At the opposite ends
of our universe.

Let me seek you again
across all chaos
On the road of our lives
running between.

Let me see you from afar
not knowing you
Your name, your address
or your dreams.

And then, let God reach me
lighting up my dark
Like He did once eons ago
through your smile.

let us be strangers again
one more time.

© Arindam Dey

My Poetry Burns

My poetry burns
with envy tonight.

For hours had I
picked and plucked
Words that sang
of you my love.

From tempest eyes
and summer cheeks
My words spoke of
your cherry lips.

When your tresses
invoked the night
On paradise of that
moonlit spine,
My words sang of
your feather arms
Before they hymned
your anklet chime.

They sang your coy
they sang your tears
Oh how my words
could ever fail,
For now they broke
like a waterfall
To the poetry behind
your bosoms veil.

Making my verse
now complete
I stood in front with
trembling feet,
But all you did
was glance and smile
And all my words
sat in defeat.

My poetry burnt
with envy tonight
And freed me once
of all my pride.

Oh how my words
can match that shine
Let it just love that
beauty divine.

© Arindam Dey

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