Where forever awaits…

I close my eyes and raise my hand,
And leave all my doors open too,
When the winds hold me and kiss my lips,
I know it’s you, I know it’s you.

Like a drop of rain, once on my face,
Splash from a puddle by roadside,
Come, wet my soul and also quench,
A thirst for life left long inside.

A quiet night’s sleep was all I wished,
A night where dark clouds no more hid,
The stars that brought my mother’s love,
The moon that showed my way back home.

To smile a day without a grudge,
To breathe a day without the pains,
To live a day being loved for once,
Was all I wished, was all I wished.

All my life I wished for once,
To be lost in that unknown way,
That led me to a world somewhere,
Where life smiled at me for one day.

And all those dreams, that ever dwelled,
In my eyes, once, for you to read,
But all my life they searched in vain,
As my fate made me wait instead…

Until that day when you stopped by,
Found me amidst all others plight,
You saved me from my wounded self,
And led me from this dark to light.

No more I wish the moon and stars,
No more the rainbow and blue sky,
No more the drop of rain and dew,
No more the birds, the butterfly.

Hold me once for one last time,
Before the final debt is paid,
Tell me those words left unheard,
And let me say those left unsaid.

Whisper to my heart once more,
Words of love you said that day,
Kiss my soul for one last time,
Before its free to fly its way.

To northern winds that brought me life,
And the crimson sky where I go now,
I find no more wish left in me,
But one more day with you somehow.

Take me once with you today,
Let me lose my way in you,
Far to where, I’ll never ask,
And find my self and reasons too.

Love me like the storms tonight,
And take me in that unknown way,
To that world where forever awaits,
A world that I’ll know someday.

(The full poem from my 1st novel: Forever In My Heart)

© Arindam Dey

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