Last Evening

​She sat at the other end of the cab backseat all the way, looking away. Well, we were coming back home tired last evening after a long hard day, and she was angry with me. We were only midway when it started to rain. And by the time the cab reached our area, the skies had broken down completely and the entire place was deserted. She was about to bring out our umbrellas when I told her I didn’t need mine.

“Fine” she replied.

Leaving the cab we started walking, she under the umbrella and me in the rain. I noticed she was struggling to hold it in the wind. I came closer and said, “come let me hold it for you”.

“I am fine,” she was still angry.

“Keep your anger for home” I told her, “let me hold it here. Or you’ll get wet and fall sick.”

“Look who’s talking!” She retorted at the completely drenched me.

Upon some insistence she let me hold the umbrella. Still we weren’t talking. Don’t know what came up upon me, a minute later I started humming, “pyar hua, iqraar hua, pyar se phir kyun darta hai dil”. Stunned, confused, and still angry, she glared at me. But before she could say anything, I added, “kehta hai dil rasta mushkil, maloom nahi hai kaha manzil,” in a female voice, well as far as I could.

She stopped. So did I. Staring at me she remained quiet for a few seconds. Probably making up her mind. And then she burst out laughing and pulled me closer under the umbrella.

“Finish the song” she whispered,”in both the voices as it were. And I may accept your apology.”

Rains continued in the deserted lanes as we walked slowly kicking the puddles, taking a longer route back home last evening.

© Arindam Dey

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